Art is Food

<BUTTERBROT> is an international cultural project, considering art as essential need, necessary for full-fledged humans existence. The main idea and subject of the project is “ART is FOOD”.

<BUTTERBROT> considers art as the medium for communication and cultural exchange between the Eastern and the Western European artists; for establishing necessary dialog between artist and audience; for increasing interest in the art of our days.

On the opening of the exhibition will take place a solo concert of all-purpose musician, wind instruments performer Arkadij Shilkloper (Russia/Germany). Also in program – lecture of professor Julia Liderman (Russian State University for the Humanities); a workshop of Berlin artist Barbara Klinker; dance-media performance of Jose Fernando Andrade (Germany/Colombia), Jadi Carboni and Alexandra Goloborodko (Germany/Russia); musical performances of Rui Faustino (Germany/ Portugal) and experimental jazz-trio from Germany – “Adorno 69”.

Artists: Alexandra Goloborodko, Aleksandra Yurieva-Civjane, Alexander Kopyltsov, Alexey Petrov, Arseniy Shuster, Artyom Mishkarudniy, Barbara Klinker, Birgit Bellmann, Carline Huge, Ivan Prokhorov, Ester Grossi, Ekaterina Saranduk, Marleen Kuipers , Michael Bensman, Philipp Mager, Filipp Pishik “BLUEMOLOKO”, Sergio  Bermúdez, Tom Albrecht, Yashima Mishto