Festival Reforma

Recycling Art Festival Reforma. 30. August – 01. September 2013 im Rahmen von 5. Biennale der zeitgenössischen Kunst Moskau. Im Volkspark Museon.

Modern society is accustomed to consume, not realizing that our planet’s resources are limited. A lot of things that we buy, quickly find themselves at the dump and turn into garbage, without losing their material qualities. These things can serve us further if we figure out how to use them creatively.

The aim of the festival – “a reform in the mind” – is to change the attitude towards waste transforming the material for the creation of art. During the festival, we show opportunities by rethinking its implementation, presentation and active involvement in the context of the process of art recycling.
The project covers the areas of visual and performative arts, urban and fashion design, includes creative workshops and other educational programs.

Artists: Recycle art group, Andrey Mitenev , Alexey Petrov, Anna Titovets, Margo Trushina, Masha Kechaeva, Pavel Zumkin , Sergey Chernov , Leha Garikovich , Ekaterina Saranduk Galya Solodovnikova , Yana Еlnikova

Freundlich unterstützt von Moskauer Kulturdepartment.

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