Coordinate System

FORUM 20th – 21st of May betahaus, Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20, 10969 Berlin
EXHIBITION 13th – 24th of May / Opening 12th of May CLB in Aufbauhaus, Prinzenstraße 84.2 / Entrance Oranienstraße 142, 10969 Berlin
Organised by: Butterbrot Cultural ProjectPartizaning 
Supported by: Robert Bosch Stiftung Heinrich Böll Stiftung 
Partners: MitOst e.V. CLB Berlin , Betahaus Berlin
Media Partner: Political CritiqueLa Monde Diplomatique, Portal Kunstgeschichten-ost

Coordinate System is an international platform aimed to enhance the dialogue and exchange experiences in the areas of public space research and public space transformation by means of artistic practice. Large numbers of cities face the problem of public spaces being used undemocratically for political or commercial purposes, rather than serving public interests. How can we have an impact in this situation? Can we possibly help in changing the urban environment in order to suit the interests of the local residents, or to highlight the existing problems, at least symbolically?

In our project, we see it as crucial to assess and compare the distinguishing features of Russian / Post-Soviet and European public (urban) spaces, to discuss the prerequisites of creating both approved and non-approved art projects on the streets, to show different forms of urban projects focusing on art, art activism, and socio-cultural aspects in the current political and social climate, to spark debate regarding the ways of establishing a dialogue between art and society and to get to the root of existing confrontations. Furthermore, the project aims to discuss and develop concrete strategies that can be shared and implemented by participants in their future work.

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