Project descriptions


Movement performance practice

In current times, we might ask ourselves how to change the course of things!? I keep asking myself this question too  – to me, the body is the first and the most important channel of this process – not only – the human body, but the body of living creatures and the intangible ones, that are around and between us – 

How to channel this if not from the art of movement and its own capacity to displace things around.  What are the challengings in which we can be a transformative tool – 

Looking at my body practice and other ways to channel communication – this public intervention is thinking about practices of care, that we can do collective and not depending on any kind of specific language  – it’s more about the inner power to which each of us carries in ourselves – and if the energy is low – we can boost it together.  Finding resilience in togetherness. Opening to new perspectives within the body. 

The urban practices of care – invite you to participate and take part in this action that moves the inner and out spaces in which we are all being part.

Titel: I hear you ‘An act of deep listening’ (/ Ich höre dich ‘Ein Akt des tiefen Zuhörens’)

Komm, finde mein großes Ohr und sprich zu mir, ich werde zuhören, ich höre dich 

Enduring performative installation by Suzanne Stavast.

A lot of times we just want to be heard, but it seems hard for us humans to really deeply listen. We get distracted by our own minds, or while we listen we try to find ways to help someone. A lot of times this results that we dont really feel heard. Sometimes its just okay to not offer anything else but your ear and let all the feelings be present without the need to change them.